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Good  luck with your project’...  Enjoy your classic motoring...
Fixed price repairs are based on the assumption that unit/s received
‘original & complete’... a surcharge may be applied to cover
missing  parts etc...  If in doubt send in the unit for inspection

If  you  found this web site via a ‘search engine’ please
 check that you are looking @ the
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Jaguar XK 120 ( 1948 / 54 )
2019.1 M
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JDO Instruments
Classic Car Instrument Repairs ( Est 1963 )
Fixed price repairs for most British & European Classic Car Instruments
48hr service  
available... Why pay more & wait longer ! No UK vat
Tele: (UK)  01535 672125    Mobile / SMS:  07831 886545
Please check the  FAQ’s page  BEFORE ringing / emailing... thank you

Customs labelling advice... if posting instruments from
OUTSIDE the European Economic Community ( E. E. C. )
PLEASE EMAIL US FIRST due to recent changes by the UK customs / border agency

Please ensure that when YOU OR YOUR AGENT is completing the CUSTOMS DECLARATION LABEL
That you make it clear that the contents of the parcel are for REPAIR & RETURN TO YOURSELF... otherwise
UK Customs will treat the contents as ‘Imported Goods’ & charge import duty / UK vat (+ fees charged by the courier)
An example of how  NOT  to complete the declaration would be... Contents ‘Car Speedometer’... value £100...
This would attract Customs attention... ( UK customs would charge 30% on a declared value)  + courier fees
Better to say... Old / Vintage / Classic Car Speedometer / Instrument etc sent for REPAIR & RETURN TO YOURSELF
Value £100... Always show a MINIMUM value to avoid attention

If you are a ‘trade customer’ please use plain packing materials & do not show your ‘business name’ on the parcel, otherwise UK Customs will assume that the contents are new & charge import duty / vat etc... + courier fees

We will not pay any import duty / vat or courier fees ... if requested to do so we will refuse delivery & the parcel will
be returned to the sender... ( unless an arrangement has been made PRIOR to receipt of your order )
If you email us first we will give additional advice / option’s to avoid customs attention
As you may be aware the UK leaves the EEC in 2019, the above may then apply to all customers from outside the UK
Aston Martin Mk2