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Good  luck with your project’...  Enjoy your classic motoring...
Fixed price repairs are based on the assumption that unit/s received
‘original & complete’... a surcharge may be applied to cover
missing  parts etc...  If in doubt send in the unit for inspection

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Jaguar XK 120 ( 1948 / 54 )
169.1 M
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Payment options
Payment options
Payment options
JDO Instruments
Classic Car Instrument Repairs ( Est 1963 )
Fixed price repairs for most British & European Classic Car Instruments
48hr service  
available... Why pay more & wait longer ! No UK vat
Tele: (UK)  01535 672125    Mobile / SMS:  07831 886545
Please check the  FAQ’s page  BEFORE ringing / emailing... thank you

This page contains answers to the most  Frequently Asked Questions... Please check before ringing / emailing
Q:  How long will it take to carry out the work ?

A:  If you want a guaranteed 48hr service ( 2 working days ) please use the  48hr service ( 25% surcharge applies )...  Next orders that include  the
     CORRECT payment  together  with all the relevant information to complete the work  will normally be returned within 5 working days...
     all other orders that require paperwork in advance of payment will be dealt with in order... Don’t forget to check for ‘holiday  dates’

Q: How do I pay  for the work ?

A:  First please check the ‘payment options page’ ... preferred option  is paypal... If you  wish to use paypal EITHER ADD 5% surcharge or use the
     ‘Friends & Family option’ click here for more information... 2nd option is  ‘BACS’  ( bank transfer )... 3rd option ‘Cheque’ ( correctly made out ) ..

Q:  Which return post & packing option is the best  to use ?

A:  First please check the  p&p page   & the  packing advice page ... Basic return p&p includes a 1st class ’sign for service’ ( recorded delivery ) with
      max compensation  > £50...  
.If you require the special delivery option with compensation > £500  ( recommended )  please ADD £5 extra

Q:  How do I tell if my instrument / s require a change of polarity / upgrading or re calibrating etc ?

A:  A  unit will normally require upgrading or re calibrating etc if any change / s etc have been made to the car that would effect the instrument / s
     operation ( contact us if in doubt ) please use email if possible... If ringing have the instrument / s to hand OR make a note of the part  numbers

Q:  Do you repair ‘Dual gauges’ including ‘Capillary units’ ?

A:  Sorry no... Please see ‘other services page’   ( which includes a link for ‘NEW UNITS’ )

Q:  Do you undertake ‘Restoration work’ ?

A:  Sorry no... we offer a ‘repair /  service’ exactly as per this web site... we will always ‘clean up’ instruments both ‘inside & out’ as best we can
     new  chrome  bezels / glass  &  gaskets  etc are available... we will always paint  ‘black bezels’ on request  large @ £3 & small @ £2 ea ( satin black )

Q:  Do you repair ‘Motorbike instruments’ /  ‘Vintage car instruments’ or ‘American car instruments’

A:  Sorry no... Neither do we repair: Train / Plane /  Marine or Military  instruments etc... Just  British & European ‘Classic car instruments’ as specified

Q: Do you offer a Quartz  upgrade on classic car clocks / vintage wind up / American car clocks ?

A: Yes we do but please ask before sending,  most quartz upgrades have a 50% surcharge, it always helps if you send a picture of the clock in question

Q:  Do you ‘guarantee your work’

A:  Yes... a written 12 month guarantee is included with all work & this can be extended up to 5 years ( 3 years for clocks)... please ask

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